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sunlight airplane

“Le Havre. Claude Monet.”


Please get out of my head. I’m trying to sleep.


This one’s a little dark

I learned about this billionaire, Zell Kravinsky, in Philosophy. He’s donated a toooooon of money, and he’s also donated one of his own kidneys to a stranger, which made several of his family members and friends angry. Apparently only 134 kidney donations to a stranger have been performed in the US since 1998. ”No one should have a vacation home until everyone has a place to live,” he said. ”No one should have a second car until everyone has one. And no one should have two kidneys until everyone has one.”It was interesting.A major problem that was brought up with Kravinsky’s transplant is what if his children one day needed a kidney. He said, ”I love my children, I really do. But I just can’t say their lives are more valuable than any other life.”My Philosophy teacher asked us if we would kill our own child in order to save the lives of 1,000 other children, and he said he would. Would you?
Grace Park Photography 

D - 15

  • Q: Fifteen days left. What are your thoughts?
  • A: really lost. Does that make any sense? Lost. Not in a bad way though. I'm lost in thought primarily. So many wonderful adventures are waiting for me that I'm lost sorting through all my nonsensical imaginations.
  • Q: what will you miss?
  • A: this time and everything that comes with my life at this place at this moment.
  • Q: what are you nervous about?
  • A: is it weird to say male species? I have nothing against them and this isn't a 'I want a boyfriend!!! ' sort of angst, but more so the anxiety, almost the regret of having shut down myself too long. Way too long on purpose... past stains and scars that I still can't completely ignore, it's time for me to move past them.
  • Q: what are you grateful for?
  • A: the fact that I can be grateful. The fact that I want to share my gratefulness. The fact that there is so much to be grateful for.
an addition to my senior year bucket list:
make one of these for my besties. 

"so CUTE i want to eat them!"
- the reaction that i’m going for 
me after evergreen layout week. 
but not as cute? 

Oh my god! So cute
Grace Park Photography.